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5 Best 21 inch Mulching Blade Reviews [2020]

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The mulching blades are excellent tools that make your work easier and your garden look more beautiful. It also known as all-purpose blades and designed to cut the grass and clippings.

If you are looking for mulching blades but you do not understand which one is best for you. In this session, I will discuss top of the best mulching blades on the market that helps you to find the best one and also provides you a guideline so that you can easily find the right one.

5 Best 21-inch Mulching Blade Comparison Chart [2020]:

5 Best 21-inch Mulching Blade Reviews [2020]:

  • Maxpower 331528B Mulching Blade for 21 Inch Cut MTD/Cub Cadet/Troy-Bilt
  • MTD 942-0741A Replacement Mulching Blade 21-Inch Length
  • Maxpower 331981B 21-Inch Universal Gold Metal Mulching Lawn Mower Blade
  • Gator 3-In-1 Mulching Blades For John Deere
  • Oregon Blade MTD Gator G5 21IN

1. Maxpower 331528B Mulching Blade for 21 Inch Cut MTD/Cub Cadet/Troy-Bilt Replaces 742-04100, 742-0741, 742-0741A, 942-0741, 942-0741A

The Maxpower 331528B Mulching Blade is the best universal replacement blades manufactured in the USA. It includes a one-inch center hole with six reducing washers. It is designed to be used with standard walk-behind mowers.

Maxpower exceeds all OEM specifications and provides high quality. These offer an extensive line of air filters for original equipment replacement and replace easily with other models. 

Maxpower mulching blades are made from sturdy nylon components –and great for a homeowner or residential use.

The trimmer line provides you a quality cutting line at an economical price. It decreases vibration and improves energy efficiency. 

It is also suitable for commercial uses. This is the best aftermarket mower blades use the money to buy.

Again, it is useful for your rotary mower. Usually, a rotary mower is a unit of powered machinery. It uses these blades to cut vegetation.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B003VPAEH0
  • Item weight 1.54 pounds
  • Includes one commercial mulching blade for 21 inch
  • Cut Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and MTD mowers replace
  • One-inch center hole design
  • OEM specification
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable price tag
  • This blade cut incredibly well; 
  • No missed blades of grass at all
  • They can get nicks very easily


  • Does not need sharpening
  • Properly balanced
  • Perfectly fit for craftsman 675 gold series 21 push mower
  • Durable
  • Sharp blades
  • Blades are balanced
  • Easily adjust with many other brands


  • Need to remove awful stickers
  • The packaging is hard to open

2. MTD 942-0741A Replacement Mulching Blade 21-Inch Length

If you are looking for 21-inch mulching blades but do not understand which replacement kit is better for you, this the best for you; the MTD 942-0741A are mulching blades better than other standards or deck blades. It offers a 90-day warranty and works on all MTD lawn mower blades.

The MTD mulching blades are compatible with other brands like Troybuilt. It offers hard metal and requires less sharpening than the original. These blades cut quickly and nicely.

It is suitable for long-life performance and durable. It is easy to use as well made of high-quality materials are used. You can easily install it.

Key Features

  • Mulching blade 21-inch with star center
  • MTD original equipment part
  • Three-month warranty for defects in material
  • Item weight 1.54 pounds
  • OEM replacement blade
  • The replacement mulching blade is a perfect fit
  • It has a good edge
  • Cuts nice and evenly
  • Requires less sharpening


  • Work like a charm
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to replace
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Safety precaution
  • Except for models with cast aluminum decks
  • compatible with the model troybuilt tv230
  • do not need to sharpen the blade
  • The blade is a perfect fit
  • Suitable for all MTD mower


It has only three mowings, but the original blade has ten plus mowing machines

3. Maxpower 331981B 21-Inch Universal Gold Metal Mulching Lawn Mower Blade, black

The Maxpower universal gold metal 21-inch mulching mower blades are the best replacement kit if you are looking for a sharp and durable and universal fit kit. It provides you a nice uniform cut as well as a larger cutting surface.

Maxpower mulching blades are all-purpose blades designed for mulching, discharging, and bagging. This is a curved style and frequently include extra cutting surfaces along the blade edges. 

These mulching blades perform better than standard blades. It works well to preserve the blade for long term usage. 

The universal gold mulching blades can easily fit with any other replacement kit, and the installation process is easy. This is a great advantage; you do not need to sharpen the blades and includes a cover washer and six reducing washers.

Key Features

  • Universal replacement kit
  • Made in the USA
  • Coated to prevent rusting
  • Greater cutting surface for increased mulching
  • High-quality materials are used
  • Includes manufacturer numbers
  • Item weight 2 pounds
  • 21-inch Cut Mowers
  • Commercial Gold Metal Mulching Blade 
  • sharpened cutting teeth for a cleaner
  • Mulching blades brush cutter suitable for any mower kit


  • Affordable
  • Adheres to all the quality assurance checks.
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Replacement blades
  • Easy installation process
  • Commercial mulching blades
  • longest lasting lawn mower blades
  • uniform chopping distribution
  • larger cutting surface
  • Better recirculating airflow


Does not provide for a star adapter

4. Gator 3-In-1 Mulching Blades For John Deere 

The gator blades are one of the best mulching blades that perfect for your John Deere mower. It offers superior bagging, mulching, and discharging. It provides longer-lasting performance and better cutting edges.

These mulching blades cut the grass multiple times to produce finer clippings. These riding mower blades save more space in your bags and allow the smaller clippings.

The G3 blades offer faster and more high-quality mulching capability than standard mulching blades. This blade redirects the grass clippings toward the cutting edge over and over again.

John Deere mower blades are designed to achieve the best performance and cut quality. It provided for less vibration and increased machine life. This is the best replacement kit you can use the money to buy.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B0067SVVZ2
  • Item weight 8.3 pounds 
  • Perfect for Jhon deere mulching blades
  • Extended cutting length
  • Set of 3 Blades
  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible with many other models
  • High-quality gator blades
  • 3-in-1 gator mulching blades


  • The blade is sharpened longer
  • Best mulching blades
  • Easy to install
  • Replacement kit compatible with other models
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Cut through grass easily


  • Make less noise and don’t leave behind a row of clippings

5. Oregon Blade MTD Gator G5 21IN

If you are looking for a blade that is long-lasting and durable, then this one is best for you. Oregon 21 mulching blades are the best brush cutter perfect for a set of two blades.

The Oregon Gator blades review significantly better than other replacement kits. It is suitable for the cutting edges and helps extend the shelf of the blades. It keeps them sharper and provides long-lasting performance.

The Oregon Blade MTD Gator blades offer bagging, mulching, and discharge. It boosted air-flow to push grass up and made of premium quality. It is quite affordable and easy to use. But one thing is that it does not compatible with Toro or Snapper kit.

Key Features

  • OEM specified device
  • Replaces many other models
  • It is perfectly fit with many different models
  • Long-life performance
  • Affordable price tag
  • High-quality materials are used
  • ASIN: B01CEW9NZ4
  • Item weight 3 pounds
  • Universal fit
  • Comes with adapter
  • Extra sharp blades


  • Ideal for a set of 2 blades
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • Gator blades
  • Gator blades for Husqvarna fits perfectly
  • Long-lasting
  • Durability
  • Thick
  • Easy to clean
  • Increases airflow


Blades are slightly too long

Poulan Pro mulching blades:

For the finest and healthiest looking lawn, a sharp lawn tractor blade is important. These blades help you with Mulching, Discharge, and Bagging. Again it ensures a clean, healthy cut for beautiful lawn results.

Again, honda Mulching Blade offers a smooth cut and fine clippings for great bagging and mulching.

Copperhead Mulching Blades

These mulching blades have been made with high carbon steel to make their performance better than any standard blades. These blades have gone through hardening and heat treatment to make them more compact and durable.

Again, pk3 copperhead mulching blades are also good for you.

Buying guides:

Things to consider while buying:

Manufacturer Number

Every manufacturer includes its number on mulching lawnmower blades. When you replace your blade, this number will help you to get similar ones.

Blade holes

Before purchasing a new blade, you need to measure the diameter of the hole.


While buying a mulching blade, you make sure that it provides high-quality and long-lasting performance. An excellent and well-known brand offers this kind of item.


Consider a model which compatible with many other models and universal fit.

Types of lawn mower blades:

Mower blades are of many different types available on the market. Below I discuss some significant types of lawnmower:

Standard or medium-lift blade:

This type of blades generally used in the standard lawn mower and rotates horizontally. It is also known as straight lawnmower blades.

This blade Can easily cut dense patches of grass and suitable for any soil. It often clogs the chute and restricts storage.

Low lift blade:

These are made for side discharge mowing with low suction power. It includes a less-drastic swoop than high lift blades.

This allows silent and effective mowing. It offers long-lasting performance and durability. It cannot suck the debris into the bagging.

High-lift blade:

This blade provides excellent suction power and suitable for bagging purposes. It reduces the chance for the cut grass to get clogged up in the mower’s cutting area. It is ideal for cutting tall grass. 

Mulching blade:

It is known as an all-purpose blade and works in three ways. It pulls the grass up and cuts it. Its clippings are sucked inside the deck and are chopped into tiny pieces.

It produces air pressure to blow the small clippings out. It enriches the soil with nutrients.

Gator blades:

These edges combine a medium-lift and a mulching feature to blend the three grass cutting techniques into one.

It is very popular and is great for all-around grass cutting use. It is clean and environmentally friendly. These are for fertilizing the soil.


Does the ego mower mulch?

The EGO Select to cut your lawn mower features an improved 1000W brushless motor and also an all-new blade design. It is designing to cut powerfully, mulch effectively, and bag efficiently.

The EGO POWER+ select to cut your Self-Propelled lawn Mower delivers performance that exceeds the power of gas.

Which is a better mulching blade or regular?

The main between a mulching blade and a regular blade is their shapes. A mulching blade is more curved than a regular blade. It also has more cutting edges than regular blades. It provides better versatility than regular blades.

Are mulching blades supposed to be sharp?

Mulching blades are aggressively sharp. Some necessary steps take before sharpening.


  1. Check the work area
  2. Clean your work area
  3. Inspect all aspects of the grinder
  4. Check the tongue guards for clearance


The best mulching blades make your work more comfortable, and they cut and collect the grass at the same time.

I discuss some top of the best mulching blades on the market among them. I think Maxpower 331528B Mulching Blade is the best.

You can easily replace it with three other models. These are available at an affordable price, and it is durable.