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5 Best Aftermarket Weeds Eater Head – Reviews and Buying Guides [2020]

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Best Aftermarket Weeds Eater Head - Reviews

Weed and bushes are disconcerting things in a lawn area. It destroys the view of a garden. The biggest problem is it badly hampers to grow the plants.

And its cleaning process is a quite tedious job. If you follow the manual system, it will take a huge time. 

But now a day the aftermarket weeds eater head becomes accessible to the gardener. This exclusive item is also known as a string trimmer. 

This object can effectively remove the bushes and thick grass from your garden and ensures you the ultimate cleanliness. 

Some experts claim that these types of objects are more advanced and effective than a lawnmower. Yes! You will enjoy a precise trimming. 

That’s why you need to pick the best aftermarket weeds eater head for the most effective result. The exciting part is where you share a distinctive review of this object. 

In this context, you will get the initial idea of the most leading string trimmer that is available in the market. 

Here you focus on the key features of each product and the additional benefits. Also, we unveil the limitations (if any) to pre-concern you. 

That means you can get the exact idea about the current market condition. And it will help you to pick your required item easily. 

So let’s get started: 

5 Best Aftermarket Weeds eater Head Comparison Chart:

5 Best Aftermarket Weeds eater Head Reviews:

  • Shakespear Push N Load Trimmer Head 14547 Fits Most Models
  • Echo 78890-21001E High Capacity Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head
  • Husqvarna 537388101 Universal T35 Tap Advance Straight Shaft String Trimmer Head
  • Tanaka 32307 No Brainer Quick Load Cutting Head for Curved Shaft String Trimmers
  • Grass Gator 4680 Brush Cutter Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Trimmer Head

1. Shakespear Push N Load 14547

About the product: 

Yes! This model comes with several drawbacks. It is a bit heavy, and the strings can wear out comfortably. 

But still, we keep it on our favorite list for its quick and straightforward installation system. 

Here you will get four cutting surfaces option. Even you can use two trimmer lines at the same time. 

Unfortunately, it is not a beginner-friendly device. But I think if you are a pro user, you can efficiently operate this tool without any troubleshooting. 

And you will enjoy its function. 


  • Two lines
  • Ease of installation 


  • Strings can wear out
  • Heavy tool 
  • Expensive 

2. Echo 78890-21001E High Capacity Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head

About the product: 

This reputable brand offers you a vast number of advantages and user-0frienly operating facilities. 

You will enjoy the super effective performance. The crucial fact is this device comes with a simple installing formula. 

The extra-large line ((up to 130 inches) makes its operation more precise. You can quickly reload the head for a more comfortable performance. 

Also, you will get enough flexibility to store this object in any small place. Overall, this super compatible weed eater head can deliver you fantastic performance in the long run. 


  • Simple reloading property 
  • Prolonged line range 
  • Effective bump feed 


  • Sometimes you will get trouble to collect the jam lines. 

3. Husqvarna 537388101 Universal T35 Tap Advance Straight Shaft String Trimmer Head

About the product: 

This model is comparatively more unique and functionally than its competitors. You will love its high-effective trimming capability. 

The significant point is this model integrates all required adapters for accurate fitting. 

Also, you will get all the required accessories for installing, operating, and maintenance, as well. 

But the best part is the device is pretty easy to use, and you will love its extended life circle. 


  • Ensures you universal fitting 
  • Automatic feeding option 
  • A handy object and intimate operation 


You will get trouble to trim the extensive lawns. Cause, the head size is relatively a bit smaller. But you can easily cut off the mid-size grass. 

4. Tanaka 32308 – The Runner-Up:

About the product: 

This auto-performing timer minimizes the requirement of your manual effort. Also, it is a time-saving device. 

Cause it can work super fast and ensure the most precise operation. 

That’s why you do not need to worry about the goosing or bumping fact. The approximate trimmer line range is from .080 to .155.

It can easily trim all types of weed. Even it is not a big issue if the grasses are too long and thick. 

And this device is pretty handy. 


  • Easy loading object 
  • Auto-performance 
  • Light-weight


Some users are afraid to use it for thick weed. But I can assure you that the object is highly effective for all purposes. 

5. Grass Gator 4680 Brush Cutter Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Trimmer Head:

About the product: 

This model is well-known for the high-power consumption rate. That’s why it can run for a long time and ensures you the most effective operation. 

Its head quality is highly impressive. This head is quite sturdy but moveable. As a result, it can withstand the extra pressure or friction of rocks, stones, and other rigid substance. 

Also, you will love its simple replacing process. 

The model is highly compatible with trimming all types of buses and grasses. And you can use it for commercial purposes. 


  • Ultra-compatible 
  • Frictional head 


Poor quality plastic housing 

Types of weed eater head: 

Here are the most common categories of eater’s head. 

  • Bump Feed
  • Automatic Feed
  • Fixed Head

Buying guide: 

In my opinion, at the initial stage, you must focus on the power consumption rate. Make sure it can run for a long time to deliver you the targeted service. 

It is not a fact that it is gas, battery, or electrical-based item. But you have to ensure the working hour. 

Then you have to focus on the head quality. In this case, you should be concern about durability. That means the head should be sturdy, but also you have to concern about the weight for flexible moving.

Another essential fact is the line type. And it is better to get a noise-free device. 

Overall, make sure the weed eater is durable, easy to use, easy to operate, and excellent in performance. 

Frequently asked Questions:

Q1: How does Stihl AutoCut work?

A1: The AutoCut mowing head has a line storage device. This line is fed while the machine is running. It is done by tapping the top of the mowing head on the ground. Again, it opens the line’s holding mechanism, and centrifugal force causes the line to be fed out.

Q2: Why does my trimmer line keep coming out?

A2: Due to unreliable fixation or prolonged use, the spring may come out of the head. And for that reason your trimmer head is now devoid of that vital spring. Without this spring, your trimmer line will keep coming out. So, you have to make sure that the trimmer head has its spring.

And Gatorline pre-cut trimmer line is Well-suited for all users. It comes with high-quality materials. long-lasting and fits most standard trimmer heads.

Final verdict: 

The purpose of the review is to realize the necessity of a weed eater for a gardener. 

If you want to clean your garden correctly, then you can get this fantastic device. Again Autocut Go 25-2 fs44 fs55 is another best Trimmer Head For Stihl Fits. MowerPartsGroup Pack Stihl 25-2 Replacement Bump Feed Trimmer Head fits for FS80 FS83 FS85. It is better for your garden and outdoor activities.

In this case, to get the best result, we suggest goods are the most suitable option for you.