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6 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews [2020]

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Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

If you want to get the best corded electric lawn mower, you are in the right place. 

Yes! In this content, we are going to share the top quality electric mowers for your ultimate satisfaction. 

Typically, these types of mower come with more advanced features and facilities as well. 

The best part is you can save a vast amount of time. Also, you will love the simple but high-effective operating feature. 

So let’s see the review to get the details information about the top quality products and find your required one. 

Here is the list: 

6 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews [2020]

1. WORX WG719 13 Amp 20″ Electric Lawn Mower:

This model is featured with castor front wheels. Also, you will love the tight tuning circle attachment. 

Even the maneuverability grade is highly satisfactory. But sometimes you will face a bit of trouble while cutting the straight line. But you can regulate the wheels easily with the push button. 

You can store it anywhere, even in any congested place. Yes! You will get an easily foldable facility. 

And the gasoline-based engine is quite potent. 

Overall, you will enjoy the noise-free tremendous performance for an extended period. 

Things you will like

  • Double edge blade 
  • Long-lasting deck construction 
  • Excellent turning circle 
  • Fantastic wheel design 


  • An excess number of plastic parts
  • Well height adjustment is a bit difficult

2. Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower:

If you prefer a more advanced and precise trimming effect on your lawn, you can consider this famous band. 

Yes! Here you will get a vast number of exclusive features. But the company offers this model at a cheap rate. 

Here you will get a high-performing motor. And you can convert this device easily.

You can turn into mulching to mowing, even mowing to mulching based on your requirement.

(For the mulching purpose you have to attach the mulching the plug)

Another beautiful part is here; you will get great deck height adjustment. It comes with several seven settings. 

The deck is near about 17-inch wide. This dimension makes the device more moveable and handy as well. 

And for the precise cutting, this feature is highly adventurous. 

But the provided bag is quite heavy and difficult to move. Except for this downside, we do not get any noticeable problems. 

That’s why we consider this model in your top list and suggest you buy it. You will enjoy the user-friendly performance.

Things you will like

  • Precise cutting 
  • Moveable deck 
  • Budget-friendly product 


  • Heavy bag 
  • And its maintenance is straightforward. 

3. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

This model is another dependable mower form the reputable brand Sun Joe.

It comes with a high-performing motor (12 amps). That’s why it can run for a more extended period and deliver excellent accuracy. 

But the deck is quite smaller in size. I think it is not a big issue. Cause you can quickly move the deck, and it comes with an adjustable setting. 

On the other hand, we do not like its bag quality. It is tiny and less capacity. 

(In this case, you can replace a large size bag) 

However, still, we prefer this model for you. Causes the rest of the features are highly beneficial for trimming your lawn area properly. 

And you can get this product at a cheap price tag. 

Things you will like

  • Powerful motor attachment 
  • High-efficient performance 
  • Affordable 


  • Poor quality bag 

4. Greenworks 14-Inch 9 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower MO09B01

Greenworks comes with nine amps powerful motor and long term performing capability. Here you will get both mulching and rear bag attachment. 

And you can easily convert this position. 

Also, you will love the wheel quality. It includes a 7-inch rear and 6-inch front wheel. 

The provided 14-inch plastic deck is highly adjustable and offers you variable settings. 

Overall, this mid-range mower is highly dependable for your small yard. It is simple to use and maintain. 

You can store it in any small place for its excellent holding capability. 

Things you will like

  • Compact size 
  • Ultra-durable 
  • Ease of maintenance 


  • Not a suitable item for larger lawns 


It is a long size mower and comes with super dynamic performance. 

It can tremendously trim the bushes and jungles. Cause, the included motors extremely powerful and runs for a longer time. 

On the other hand, the sturdy deck attachment makes it more adorable and dependable for precise cutting. 

This convenience item is pretty simple to move. Moreover, you will love the bag quality. It can hold a massive amount of wastages easily. 

But you do not feel any difficulties in moving it. 

The device is easy to fold. That’s why you can store it anywhere when not in function. 

Things you will like

  • Compact design and wider deck 
  • Fold-able material 
  • 20-inch long cutting path 


  • Not usable for a big lawn 

6. Earthwise 50518 Mower

Most of the time, you will face trouble to remove the weed, and long bushes form your yard.

In this case, you will need a sharp blade mover with high-performing capability. That’s why we are suggesting this unique model. 

The specialty is it comes with 12 amps powerful motor and super sharp blade attachment. 

Also, you will love the 7-inch wheels for its fastest moving. On the other hand, the device is pretty handy and ensures user-friendly operating features. 

The manufactures also present you several protecting features for your safety purpose. That’s why there is no chance of any possible accidents. 

You can mount it quickly for its light-weight. And the compact shape helps to fold it promptly for flexible storage. 

You will enjoy a cost-efficient calm performance. 

Things you will like

  • Simple application 
  • Includes safety bar 
  • Slim body for simple holding 
  • 2-discharge settings


  • Not an ideal object for larger lawn 

Hover mowers:

Like the Hover Vac 280, a good hover lawnmower helps to cut the grass from above using a rotating cutting disc. And they also create a cushion of air between your lawnmower and the grass, and it can be swung around in any direction. It makes good hover mowers much more maneuverable than most of the rotary lawnmowers.

Mcgregor lawnmower:

This is a powerful and compact lawnmower. Basically, it is designed to cut a professional finish on small to medium-sized lawns all over the large areas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Are Flymo mowers any good?

A1: The best flymo lawnmower has to offer, the Speedy-Mo Rotary mower. You can clean the lawn up in no time, with a whopping 1500W of power.

Q2: Are Bosch Lawn Mowers any good?

A2: Bosch has a nice reputation. They make the best quality products. It is a good value for money. The grass and blade box are not the biggest available. They make the Bosch Rotak 34R, which is extremely light and easy to use. They will glide around the lawn effortlessly. And it is particularly good at the edges and corners.

Q3: How long do cordless lawn mower batteries last?

A3: A good quality lawn mower should last between eight and ten years, And a cordless mower’s battery should last around five years.

How to maintain an electric cord mower? 

You must concern about regular cleaning and follow the given tricks. 

Blade maintenance: 

After the operating takeaway, all grasses and bush from the blade. Keep it dry to prevent quick decaying. 

Deck maintenance: 

Like the blade, you should clean the deck properly. Make sure you properly clean all residue and dirt from its surface area.

Power system: 

Check the power system and cable before every operation. If you notice any damaged cable, fix it immediately. 

Also, you have to clean the wheels correctly. Sometimes the fasteners and nuts can loosen up. 

So you must tight it for its flexible moving. 

Buying guide:

You should concern about several considerations before selecting an electric mover. 

For the perfect product, follow our given trick. 

Fact 1: Cutting width and deck size: 

The ideal deck dimension is the most crucial factor for perfect trimming capability. For your small yard, the medium-range deck is far enough. 

But you have to ensure its movable capability and set-up variations. 

Fact 2: Grass management process: 

The device must have both mowing and mulching capability. Make sure it can adequately catch the grass and hold it to the included bag properly. 

That means besides the blade quality, you must need a quality bag for flexible holding. 

Also, you have to concern about the height adjustment, motor quality, mower battery, and noise issue.

Push vs. Self-propelled

The most significant advantage of a push mower is it is quite affordable. And these types of items are perfect for general performance. 

But if you are suffering from thicker bushes and long weed, you need to think about other options. 

Cause, an ordinary push mower cannot remove the wicked grass. But you have to give extra manual effort. 

That’s why we are suggesting you using the self-propelled mower. These items can easily remove the thick bush without any manual effort. 

But its initial investment is a bit expensive. 

Electric Mowers vs. Gasoline Mowers:

The gasoline mowers are highly effective in performance. Also, electric mowers are a great, dependable option.

But the main difference between the two items is their maintaining quality.

If you have a gasoline mower, you need to focus on its frequent maintenance. Cause, you need to change to re-set its body parts for several times.

On the other hand, electric mowers are very simple to maintain and ensures your super intimate performance.

Final verdict: 

This review clarifies that the electric mowers come in a super powerful performance. You will love the affordable piece, accurate height management, maintenance, and power consumption properties.

Also, you will love the several safety features, battery power, and adjustable cord length as well. That means quality electric mowers are the best option for grass collection in any congested lawn.

And the described model of our list is highly effective for your small size yard. You can efficiently operate it, and these models ensure you a long term servicing guarantee.