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5 Best Edger Blades – Reviews & Buying Guides [2020]

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Best Edger Blades - Reviews

An edger blade is a crucial cutting component. You can use it for trimming your laws areas, garden, even the playgrounds. 

Typically, a quality blade has some specialties. This model will confirm your high-effective cutting. Additionally, you will enjoy an intimate operating process. 

And the exciting part is this content: You will get a distinctive review of the best edger blades. 

In this discussion, we suggest the high-grade products only. So let’s see the impressive goods and grab your desired one. Use the best string trimmer harness for easy use.

Best Edger Blades Comparison Chart

5 Best Edger Blades Reviews [2020]

  • Rotary 6477 Edger Blades, 7-11/16″ X 1″
  • Heat Hardened (longer life) Edger Blades
  • USA Mower Blades 25 8″x2″ Unpainted Edger Blades
  • USA Mower Blades 50 8″x2″ Unpainted Edger Blades
  • BLACK+DECKER EB-007 Edge Hog Heavy-Duty Edger Replacement Blade

1. Rotary 6477 Edger Blades, Pack of 4 – 7-11/16″ X 1″

First of all, you will like its special set-up procedure. Also, its working principle is quite simple and user-friendly as well. 

This model comes with four packs of options. Another point is, its parts are simple to remove and quickly replaceable. 

The model is properly galvanized and trims beautifully. 

The soft grip makes it handling more comfortable and user-friendly. Moreover, it creates less noise and ensures heat-resistant capability. 

And this model comes in the ideal dimension. 


  • Excellent power drive
  • High-quality edger blades
  • Proper deep adjustment 
  • Light-weight and portable 

Technical Details:

  • Part Number: 6477
  • Item Weight: 1.8 lbs 
  • Package Dimensions: 8 inches x 2.1 inches x 0.7 inches
  • Product model number: 6477
  • Color: Original version
  • Material: Iron
  • ASIN: B004UBG88S
  • Shipping Weight: 2 LBS

2. 4 Pack, Heat Hardened (longer life) Edger Blades Replace Ryobi 613223, Echo 720-237-001, Stihl 4133-713-4101, Maruyama 216062. Green Machine 237001

You will get four variable blades, and all of these blades are replaceable. And its set-up process is quite simple. On the other hand, you will get a flexible operation always. 

Its gripping is quite soft and comfortable. 

You can use this fascinating tool for multiple functions. It is an excellent trimmer for trimming lawn and garden areas. 

Overall, this noise-free durable object is exceptionally reliable for you. 


  • Perfect blade guard
  • High-effective grass trimming
  • Extended battery life 
  • Simple to store and clean 

Technical Details: 

  • Part Number: 613223
  • Item Weight: 2 lbs 
  • Product Dimensions: 7.7 inches  x 8 inches x 0.1 inches
  • Item model number: 613223
  • Size: Original version
  • Package Quantity: 4
  • Shipping Weight: 2.05 lbs

3. USA Mower Blades 25 8″x2″ Unpainted Edger Blades for Echo 720237001, RYOBI 613223, Husqvarna: 578 39 28-02, 601 00 24-54

The manufacturers followed the high-tech technology and presented you with this fantastic model. 

In this fascinating tool, you will enjoy a couple of advantages. The most exciting part is its set-up process is effortless. 

The company concern about your comfort issue. That’s why they provide you a soft and flexible grip. 

Its integrated blades are incredibly sharp and effortlessly replaceable. It can easily cut down both the short and long obstacles from the garden. 


  • Durable battery life
  • The reliable and effective trimmer blade
  • Includes sharp steel blades
  • Intimate service 

Product information: 

  • Package Dimensions: 10.3 inches x 10.2 inches  x 4.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 12 lbs 
  • Shipping Weight: 12.2 lbs

4. USA Mower Blades 50 8″x2″ Unpainted Edger Blades for Echo 720237001, RYOBI 613223, Husqvarna: 578 39 28-02, 601 00 24-54: 

This package includes high-quality blades. These blades are replaceable and extremely sharp. It can easily cut off the thicker grass from your garden. 

You will like its calm performance. Also, the soft grip provides you a different grade of comfort. 

This universal cutter is remarkably exceptional for the golf course. Also, you can use it for your gardens and lawns. Overall, its performance, durability, and uniqueness make it an adorable object. 

Its thickness level and dimension are ideal and compatible with variable projects. 


  • Quality power drive 
  • Suitable for gas lawn
  • Pivoting handle
  • String trimmer
  • User-friendly operating process 

Product information:

  • Package Dimensions: 8.9  inches x 7.5 inches x 2.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 25 lbs 
  • Shipping Weight: 25.2lbs

5. BLACK+DECKER EB-007 Edge Hog Heavy-Duty Edger Replacement Blade

Both for commercial and residential properties, you can use this fantastic tool. Its provided blades are incredibly sharp and replaceable. 

This model makes noiseless performance, and handling is quite flexible.

Cause, its grip is pretty soft. But the entire body is very sturdy and makes the tool highly durable. 

Its set-up and storage systems are flexible too. In general, this manual machine makes your job easier and faster as well. Worx wg896 edger blade also gives you better performance.


  • Comes with replacement blade 
  • Ensures effective grass trimming
  • Adorable and reliable  edger blades

Technical Details: 

  • Part Number: EB-007AL
  • Item Weight: 5 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 4.9 x 0.1 inches
  • Product model number: EB-007
  • Size: 7-1/2-inch blade
  • Color: black
  • Material: Steel
  • Power Source: Manual
  • ASIN: B00004R9TD
  • Shipping Weight: 8.8 ounces 

 Also, you can consider the following brands: 

  • Gator edger blade
  • Golden edger blade
  • Stihl edger blades
  • Toro edger blade
  • Tri arc edger blade

6-inch edger blade:

Six inches or up to six inches of blades are recommended for finishing projects. These types’ blades are perfect for designing prospects. And for 6 inches item, you can consider the Marshalltown brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does Honda make a battery-powered lawn mower?

A1: Both the Honda HRR216VKA and the Ego LM2102SP are self-propelled mowers. And some power of this mower is diverted to the wheels to propel the lawnmower forward. Both of these mowers have a 21-inch cutting deck, and it is typical of walk-behind mowers. Again, the Ego has an electric motor powered by a 56-volt and 8-amp rechargeable battery like NiCD batteries.

Q2: What is bump feed?

A2: With a bump feed weed wacker or weed eater, when you press the trimmer’s head against a flat surface, it squeezes a spring in the head of your string trimmer. And the bump feed electric trimmer uses a centrifugal force that pulls the string from the spool.

Q3: How many amps should a lawnmower have?

A3: Generally, electric lawnmowers draw 6 to 12 amps. When choosing a cord based on gauge, the more power the cord can handle, the lower the gauge number.

Q4: What is a trencher used for?

A4: Trenchers are usually pieces of earthmoving equipment. They use a metal chain with high-strength steel teeth to rip into the ground as a chainsaw would into a tree. Similar to an excavator, a trencher rips up any roots and the soil in the way to create a trench.

Buying guide:

  • At first check the blade quality. It must be sharp and replaceable
  • Prefer the user-friendly products.
  • Make sure its dimension is perfect for your targeted project.

Also, you should check its formulation quality, price, and users’ review.

Final verdict: 

My all reviewed goods are the best edger blades in the market completion. These products can deliver quality performance and optimal durability, as well. 

These items are highly compatible and available at the medium budget range. 

For cleaning and trimming your garden, lawn, or playground, these edge products are incredibly reliable. 

So you can grab any of our models and enjoy the satisfactory performance.