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6 Best Lawn Mower for Small Yard Reviews And Buying Guides [2020]

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Best Lawn Mower for Small Yard Reviews

To maintain a beautiful yard, you need to give some extra effort. Choosing the right one for your small yard is a tough decision. You need to think about your requirements. Small yards also need care.

If you have a small yard, buying a heavy and powerful lawn mower will not only make your work difficult but also will take a high amount of money. 

If you have a ¼ acre of yard, a better choice is the push mower. They are cheaper and easy to use in small areas.

But if you can narrow down your requirements, it is easier to purchase. In this article, we will help you to select a perfect lawn mower for a small yard.

6 Best Lawn mower for Small Yard Reviews [2020]

Here are few lawn mowers, that are specially designed for small yards:

1. EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower

This is an ideal lawn mower for a small garden. It works in a 3-in-1 system with bagging, side discharge, and mulching. It also makes less sound, like almost 30% less noise than other items.

Maintaining is also easy. The storage and cleaning, in the long run, are much more convenient. You can use this one in any weather condition.

No matter if it is raining or extra dry weather, this mower will do its’ work. It is also compact and size, you can even travel with it.


  • Noise-free grass cutting.
  • Push-button start makes it easier to use.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. 
  • It comes with a battery.
  • Small height blade, suitable for a small garden.


  • The lawn mower is fragile. The plastic lid on the battery is weak. 
  • The clipping system is not good.

2. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Electric Lawn Mower

This is a small yet power moto lawn mower. The 11 Amp motor provides deep grass cutting. Rough, long grass can be easily cut.

The blade has 14-inch height so that it can be used for long grass too. The handle has a rubber grip, which is very comfortable to use. The portable, compact size helps to store it easily.

You can also travel with it. The sleek and compact design is the right choice for your small yard. The stainless steel blade is also durable.


  • The weightless lawn mower is easily storable.
  • You can professionally maintain the lawn. 
  • The noise is also minimum.
  • This electric mower has an indicator light.
  • It has a compact and sleek design.
  • It has a wheeled cutter system.


  • The frame is weak. People complain about its durability.
  • Blades can be jammed with grass easily.

3. GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022

The GreenWorks has 2 batteries with it. The batteries give you enough power to cut the grass in time. The cordless feature helps you to trim the grasses and not have to worry about the cord or area.

It also comes with a twin blade system. The blades are 10-inch each. So, you get better mulching. Five different cutting heights ensure total trimming of your garden. The large wheels make it easy to move around the yard.

The steel deck is also durable. The motor that comes with it is very powerful with 12-Amp power. The cutting blade has 7 types of heights so that you can cut any shaped grasses. 


  • An excellent choice for a small yard.
  • Foldable handle design.
  • It has a strong motor.
  • It has a sturdy body and has excellent performance.
  • It has a quick detachable bag.
  • It contains different grass cutting heights.


  • There is a smoke emulsion problem
  • Plastic built to make it a weaker item.

4. American Lawn Mower 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

It is a push reel lawn mower; you don’t need to worry about gas or oil. The design is very simple and easy to operate. The pushing system makes it easy to cut the grasses, and you won’t feel any hassle.

This item is durable and has a weightless built. You can store it anywhere. Four steel blades are attached to the ball bearing reel. These four blades ensure smooth cutting and trimming of your lawn.

The height of the cutting can also be adjusted so that you can cut any type of grass. It works on the push method and doesn’t have any moto. This feature makes it eco-friendly. 


  • This mower is oil-free and gas-free.
  • Eco-friendly product.
  • You don’t have to bend while using this.
  • It doesn’t produce any noise while working.
  • Lightweight product, easy to store.
  • You can adjust blade heights.


  • It takes a lot of time you cover your entire garden area.

5. BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower

This mower is designed for different sizes of gardens. This has a reliable design that you can use for a long time. The moto has 13- Amp power, making it powerful enough to ease your work.

This also works fast so that you can trim your small yard in no time. The grass bag is 13-gallons that provides more than enough space for cutting grass.

The blades have 7 sets that will provide any type of cutting grasses. From thin to thick, any kind of grass is manageable with this lawnmower. The compact and lightweight item is easy to maintain and clean.

It just needs a mild wash. You can rest your arms while trimming your garden. 


  • Powerful motor.
  • It is easily maintained.
  • It has 7 blade adjusting system.
  • You can clean it easily.
  • It is a powerful edger for grass chopping.
  • You can store it easily.


  • People often complain about their durability. 

6. Husqvarna LC121FH Fwd Lawn Mower Gas

You can get a professional look for your garden, with this tool. It has a front-wheel technique that provides portable and easy grass cutting. The design is very modern looking and has a lightweight built.

The sharp blades make your work much easier. These blades can cut thick grass easily. The height of the cutting edge can be adjusted. It also has a 3-in-1 system for mulching, collection, and discharging system.

The handle has a soft grip and comfortable to use. The mower works fast, so you will get your work done in no time.


  • It is a lightweight item.
  • It is highly effective and clears weeds from your lawn.
  • It has sharp blades.
  • The handle is comfortable to use.
  • It is very easy to operate.


  • The drive cables are weak. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does a lawnmower have a transmission?

A1: Lawnmowers mostly use two types of transmissions; these are: gear driven and hydro-static. The gear-driven type is very basic, and the common manual lawn tractor transmission will have one reverse and five forward gears.

The latest invention concerns a power transmission for a rotary type of walk-behind mower.

Q2: How long does a Husqvarna Automower last?

A2: The lifespan of Automower blades depends on the frequency of mowing and type of grass. An average lifespan of this mower is up to two months for a 25-acre mowing area. The lightweight blades of the mower can be replaced with a regular screwdriver in five minutes or less.

Q3: Which is better gas or battery lawn mower?

A3: Gas-powered mowers are better for large lawns. Again, a battery-powered mower can run 20 to 45 minutes per battery charge. They are generally better suited to small to medium yards, up to 14,000 square feet. It depends on the thickness of the lawn and the height of the grass.

Q4: How do you calculate the run time of a lithium-ion battery?

A4: The Formula to Calculate the lithium-ion battery run time

Generally, we use the formula: (10 x the capacity of the battery in amp hours) divided by ( load of the appliance in watts).

Factors to consider before buying a lawn mower

These are the factors that you want to consider before buying a lawn mower for your small yard:

Size of the yard:

Check the size of your yard. If your yard is very small, then go for a cordless or electric lawn mower. For a medium-sized lawn, try the petrol pushed lawn mower.


For a small yard, a push mower is perfect. Not everybody wants to ride it, right?

Grass box:

For small yards, it is ok to have a medium size grass box. Buying a mower with a larger grass box is suitable for large yards.

Cutting height:

Lawn mowers have different grass cutting height. So for small yards, you can choose a smaller size blade.

Cutting Width:

For small yards, you should use a mower with a little cutting width.


Money is a big factor. So for a small yard, you don’t have to spend on heavy, powerful lawn mower.

If you focus on the following factors, your purchasing decision can be much easier. To narrow down your requirements and choose any of the following mentioned lawn mower.

My Recommendation

All of these lawn mowers are well-performed and a good purchase. My favorite is the American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Electric Lawn Mower. It produces less noise, which I always prefer.

The wheel cutter system ensures, trimming off the thick, rough grasses too. There is also an indicator light that shows if your grass bag is going to be full or not.

This lawn mower is also lightweight; you can store it up anywhere. It won’t take much space. The compact and sleek design makes it a trendy garden tool. This lawn mower helps your garden to get a professional look easily. So, I definitely recommend this one.