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Best Trickle Charger for Riding Lawn Mower

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Best Trickle Charger For Riding Lawn Mower

Are you confused about choosing a perfect trickle charger for your riding lawnmower? Well, we are present here to provide you some better ideas and product reviews.

Generally, a trickle chargers’ primary purpose is to charge your battery slowly. And it prevents overcharging. But the same kind of result can be achieved through the use of a standard battery charger.

If storing your batteries for some time is an everyday activity, it’s safe to say a trickle battery charger may be a good investment.

The brand charger is also the most important. You are having had an opportunity to test some trickle battery charger. We want to share our impression here to facilitate your choice. Choose the best trickle charger for your riding lawnmower.

Some of the best products bellow have features of smart trickle chargers. If you are interested in buying the trickle charger, welcome our best trickle charger for riding lawnmower review.

We recommended:

Battery Tender Junior Charger and Maintainer: Automatic 12V Powersports Battery Charger and Maintainer for Motorcycle, ATVs, and More – Smart 12 Volt, 750mA Battery Float Chargers – 021-0123

About the product:

A battery tender is one of the best leading brands for the lawnmower battery charger. Battery Tender Junior Charger offers you a reliable and affordable car battery charger.

It is reliable and safe for a lawnmower battery charger. This 12v battery charger is compact and lightweight. This battery charger is designed to charge a battery fully automatic way.

The charging capacity is high-speed and efficient. It will able to charge your battery surprisingly and faster than any charger available.

You can use this smart battery charger. This low, priced smart charger is very well designed. And it provides you with easy battery maintenance.

This device has a microprocessor. And this microprocessor will help to ensure that it is always ready to go and charged whether it’s your car, ATV, bike, RV, golf cart, or any other similar types of operated equipment such as generators.

For your safety, the manufacturer has designed two lights; red and green, to indicate the charger’s state.

This car charger has four stages to its charging process: initialization, bulk, absorption mode setting, and float or maintenance mode.

This charger is suitable to maintain the proper voltage levels without overcharging your battery.

You will never overcharge the battery in the running risk of damage. It is compatible with flooded, lead-acid, and sealed maintenance-free batteries like AGM and gel cell.

This charger and maintainer are spark-proof during lead connection. It automatically helps to detect reverse polarity to ensure a correct and locked-in connection before providing power.

This charger is ideal for lead-acid, sealed or flooded maintenance-free types or AGM and gel cell types.

The manufacturer offers you five years warranty.


1. Power: 0.75

2. Type: Charger, maintainer

3. Voltage: 12v

4. Brand: Battery Tender

5. Model: 021-0123

6. Item weight: 816g

7. Product dimensions (cm): 20.3 x 10.2 x 22.9 cm

8. Item model number: 021-0123

The things you will like:

· Automatic 12V charger

· Four stages (initialization, bulk and absorption mode, and float mode)

· Easy to install

· Easy to safe

· 12-inch output cord

· LED indicator light

· Spark proof and reverse-polarity protected

· It provides five tears warranty.

Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger 12V 1000mA Smart Battery Charger

About the product:

Foval trickle battery charger is an automatic and smart battery charger. It is a device for servicing your batteries. This device is one of the best trickle battery chargers for your riding lawnmower and car.

This charger contains unique features like connectors constructed of lead to protect against reverse polarity protection and sparks. Since this device charges just 1 amp per hour, that’s why it is best used as an inkjet charger.

You can use this charger. This product works a wide range of battery types. It is suitable for your lawnmower charger and is better for your motorcycle battery charger.

Again 1 amp is good for trickle charger, as you want better low amperage when your device is in maintenance mode.

If you keep on a slow charge, they will last longer. If you read a lot of this trickle charger reviews, you will see only positive ones. It is better for John deere replacement battery.


1. Brand: Foval

2. Model: BC01B-1

3. Weight: 10.6 oz

4. Amperage : 1A

5. Voltage: 12v

6. Product dimension(inches): 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches

7. Item model number: BC01B-1

The things you will like:

1. Easy to install

2. Easy to use

3. It is durable

4. It has enough safety features

5. Spark proof lead connection

6. It has reverse polarity protection

7. Automatic charge adjustment

NOCO Genius G750 6V/12V .75 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

About the Product:

NOCO is another reputed brand that provides you with a great range of charging solutions from one bank to four bank battery chargers. NOCO Genius G750 is an ultra-safe smart battery charger for your lawnmower.

You can charge a 6v and 12v battery through this charger without any difficulty. So, it is a 6v and 12v battery charger.

Specifically, it is designed for challenging marine environments. It is a lightweight and compact battery charger.

The device is just fantastic for beginners. You can easily follow the instruction and accurately reflect the necessary tending and charging process of your device.

Lead-acid batteries you will appreciate seeing the safety features of this device. This charger is 100 percent ignition protected waterproof.

Again it also has a firewall that protects you against abnormal conditions. For providing your safety, the NOCO Genius charger is hard to beat.

This charger works with all types of 6-volt, and 12-volt lead-Acid batteries are supported from ah according to your needs.

This smart charger is one of the super-advanced and safest battery chargers. The intelligent features of the charger help to protect your battery.

You may use it as a truck battery charger. Besides this, sometimes, you may use a solar battery maintainer.


· Battery Chemistry Types: Wet Cell/AGM, Gel, Calcium, & Enhanced Flooded Battery

· Voltage: 12 Volts DC

· AC Input Voltage: 70-130 VAC, 50/60 Hz

· Amps Per Bank: 10 A

· Total Amperage: 20 A

· Charging Stages: 8

· Weight (lbs): 8.7

· Water Proof Design Standard: IP68

· Warranty (years): 5

The things you will like:

1. Easy to install

2. It is waterproof

3. Charging time is fast

4. Provides you five years warranty

5. It has the capacity to charge multiple battery types.

6. Great price.


1. It could be batter to use manually.

2. The test level of battery is only after 24 hours.

3. The included screws are not self-tapping.

Mroinge MBC010 Automotive Trickle Battery Charger Maintainer 12V 1A Smart Automatic Battery Chargers for Car Motorcycle Boat Lawn Mower Sla Atv Wet Agm Gel Cell Lead Acid Batteries

About the Product:

Mroinga MBC010 is another best battery charger for the lawnmower battery charger. If your lawnmower does not start in winter, you can use this battery charger. And then it will solve such kind of problem.

This device offers an excellent job of maintaining your battery for long-term storage. It has complete the four steps of the charging program while charging your battery.

Again this 12v battery charger comes with two interchangeable fittings that are suitable for any vehicle. It is better for charging all 12-volt lead-acid, flooded, and sealed maintenance-free batteries (AGM and GEL cell).

This battery charger quickly recharges your lawnmower, truck, motorcycle, ATV, and also generator batteries of different capacities without any problems.

This particular product is spark-proof during lead connection. It is suitable for reverse polarity protection, overcharging, and short-circuit protection. This automatic trickle battery charger comes with over-temperature protection.

This universal charger seems well built.


1. Manufacturer: Mroinge

2. Brand: Mroinge

3. Model: MBC010

4. Item weight: 5.6 ounces

5. Product dimensions ( inches): 3.45 x 2.29 x 1.3 inches

6. Item model number: MBC010

7. Amperage: 1AVoltage: 12 volts

The things you will like:

1. It is lightweight

2. Easy to install

3. Easy to use 

4. It is water-resistant

5. It is effortless and efficient.


1. It takes a long time to charge a dead battery fully.

2. The battery clips that are attached to the charger using a connector that sometimes drops out.

LST Trickle Battery Charger Automatic Maintainer 6V 12V Smart Float Charger for Automotive Car Motorcycle Lawn Mower Tractor SLA ATV AGM GEL CELL Lead Acid Batteries

About the product:

LST Trickle Battery Charger is ultra-compact and lightweight. You can use this device to maintain batteries on rarely used lawnmower tractor, car, motorcycle. It is also a portable car battery charger.

This charger has a multi-protection system against reverse polarity, short circuit, over-voltage, current, overcharge and discharge, overheat, overload, etc.

It is a water and dust resistant float battery charger. This device provides you stable performance and high reliability.

This charger is better for john deere parts. You can easily carry this lawnmower charger everywhere.This device offers you 72-hour safety.


1. Manufacturer: LEICESTERCN


3. Model: EPA1020-0612

4. Item weight: 8.8 ounces

5. Product dimensions ( inches): 1.5 x 3.2 x 1.7 inches

6. Item model number: EPA1020-0612

7. Amperage: 1.5A

8. Voltage: 12 volts

The things you will like:

1. It has a low power consumption

2. Easy to install

3. It is portable and durable

4. Easy to use

5. It is spark-proof

6. Lightweight

7. It is ultra-compact


1. The LED lighting system for charge status seems to be a bit confusing.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why use a trickle charger?

A: A trickle charger is an effective and straightforward way to protect your battery. You don’t worry about returning to a vehicle such as a lawnmower charger, car, motorbike, truck, and not being capable of starting it or using it in a straightway. A trickle charger can also prevent you from paying out the new batteries before you need to.

Q: How long does it take to charge a lawnmower battery with a trickle charger?

A: The trickle charger should fully charge your battery in one hour at the 10-amp setting. You might have to set your battery longer if your amp setting is lower. Again, some chargers shut off automatically when your battery reaches a full charge.

Q: Can you recharge a dead lawn mower battery?

A: Normally, you can revive your battery by charging it for a few hours. But if that doesn’t work, testing it with the multi-meter that will determine if it is dead or another part of the electrical system is at fault. Again maintaining a fully charged mower battery can extend the battery life for four to five years.

How to choose a trickle charger for riding lawnmower?

Many of the popular trickle chargers for riding lawn mower on the market have similar features. When you are in the market to buy a new trickle charger, you should search for a set of qualities guaranteed to make your life a little easier. So, keep the following considerations in your mind.


You need to choose your trickle charger that offers the best performance and charges efficiently and also maintains your battery, so you don’t have to keep replacing it.


 Most riding mowers are 12 volts, so you need to buy a 12V battery charger. But when you want to charge other types of vehicles, you will purchase multi-functional 6V chargers.

Warranty and price:

You should check how the company’s customer service before buying it. Some products are a bit more expensive, but some are come with impressive with long-term warranties. So, it would help if you were careful about it.

Safety features:

It would be best to include inline fuses, reverse polarity protection, and ignition protection product. A tough shock- and the vibration-proof casing is also useful. Since we are talking about trickle batteries charger, having a high waterproof rating is very essential.

Durability and Longevity of charger:

A great trickle battery charger should last long. You can guarantee a durable charger by taking a close look at the materials. It should feel heavy-duty and well made.

Special features:

Some of the trickle battery chargers have some great special features. Now many chargers include a maintenance cycle, which helps to keeps batteries running correctly for longer.

Another awesome feature is an LED display screen, which allows us to depict each battery’s charging status.

Quick ​to charge capacity:

Many trickle chargers are pretty quick. And it can have your batteries ready to go in a relatively short amount of time. So, keep your eye out for the charging time.

Easy to use:

Finally, your trickle charger should be user-friendly. Though special features are just awesome, they should be easy to operate and uncomplicated as well.


Hopefully, you will have a bit more knowledge to make the correct decision for your requirements.

In this article, all of the trickle chargers for riding lawn mowers are a suitable range of budgets and feature onboard chargers.

Battery Tender Junior Charger is the best trickle charger for riding lawnmower, and we think because it is safer than others.

It is spark-proof and protects from overcharging. This device is reverse polarity protected.